Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Cats

Yes I do own cats, 3 to be right. Malibu, Fristy and my little man (George). I spend most of my poor, sad day talking to the cats and reminding myself how I am slowly going mad. Yes only the real cat lover would change words of songs to suit her cats.

"Because Malibu is a cat, she wee's all over the flat, oh COME ON, oh COME ON, COME ON, OH COME ON."
(Original)Because we are your friends You'll never be alone again Ooh, come on, ooh come on Ooh, come on, ooh come on (We are your friends - Reprises)

If you have been keeping an eye on the blog, you can see our cats. The video of the kitten in a car is George on the first day we got him. He sat in the car crying his heart out and the only way we could stop him was to have him sit inside my jacket (like how you see in the video)
The video of the cats cleaning each other are the two girls. The one cleaning is Fristy and the other one is Malbu. 
I am planning on uploads  more videos so you can see how sad i really am ;) Hope you are enjoying the blog and if you want to see more stuff please comment and tell me what you would like to see. 


  1. Our apes make up songs about us, they sound dreadful, but we indulge them and don't put our paws over our ears. We have instructed them not to give up their day jobs. We think that cat-centric apes are the best thing ever and not sad at all.

    Hows about some more pictures of Fristy, Malibu & George?

    Oliver, Gerry & Mungo

    1. I will take some photos of them shortly and put them up for you to see :D